About Scott

My aim is to get people out of their pain and back to their game.

I am a practitioner of Chinese Acupressure and Yamaichi Acu-touch. I studied for two years from 2004 to 2005 directly with Master Mamoru Yamaichi, after whom the method is named. I have been practicing these healing methods for six years, the past three here in Marin.

I have an extensive background in herbology, health, and nutrition. My love of herbs and knowledge of their healing properties is a legacy I inherited from my grandmother, who instilled in me a deep respect for the power of nature.

At the age of 45, in terrible pain from injuries caused by a 25-year career in the trades, I desperately needed help. I was fortunate to find a great healer, Mamoru Yamaichi, who successfully treated and healed me from my injuries using his Acu-touch method. I was so astounded by having my health and broken body restored, that I decided to study with Mamoru Yamaichi directly. I continued my studies for a further two years at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California — learning traditional Chinese Acupressure, Shiatsu and various healing techniques. I received my certification as an massage practitioner in 2007. I base my healing technique on Mamoru Yamaichi’s teachings, while incorporating traditional Chinese Acupressure.

I am dedicated to helping my clients recover from their injuries and pain, as well as informing them about the nature of their injuries and how to avoid future problems. My practice is complementary with other Eastern, as well as Western, modalities — I often work in collaboration with other health practitioners with the goal of total health and wellbeing for my clients.

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