What clients are saying about Scott…

Scott’s use of Acu-touch freed up my two frozen shoulders, significantly reduced pain, turned around a back injury of 50 years, made flexible both knees, and resolved the depression associated with just feeling terrible all of the time.
— Michael W, videographer from San Francisco

Scott has helped me return to mobility after suffering for years from fibromyalgia as well as degenerative osteoarthritis of the knees. I have been able to gradually decrease pain medications and resume many of my favorite outdoor activities since going to him for Acu-touch sessions. I cannot speak highly enough of Scott’s mastery of this profound method — he is highly trained as well as a gifted healer.
— Carolyn B, designer from Fairfax

In a word, Scott and his talents are amazing. I was in serious trouble after some nerves and tendons in my arms began to fail from years of playing several instruments. It got so bad I couldn’t even open a bottle of water, and it hurt to even put on a pair of socks, open a door, or ride a bike. My wrists were completely shot and even the most reputable doctors from around the Bay Area could not figure what to do. I met Scott and he worked his magic, bringing me back to life, and back into my career. If you need to heal, you need to call Scott Gibbons!
— Tommy A, music producer from Los Angeles (formerly from San Rafael)

Scott has been a tremendous help in my recovery from major RSI injuries to my wrist and shoulder. He has a very unique healing style that really works well on tendons. It is gentle and painless, yet very effective. I highly recommend him.
— Matthew M, musician from San Rafael