The Acu-touch Legacy

The Legacy of Mamoru Yamaichi (1926–2008)

Mamoru Yamaichi was born in San Jose California on August 2, 1926. After successful business careers in farming and machinery, he studied a number of massage modalities, including acupressure and energy work, in order to relieve pain and suffering in a very effective way. The same instincts that allowed him to see solutions clearly in business and invent proprietary machinery led him to achieve remarkable results from his study of the lymphatic system and its affects on health.

Mr. Yamaichi spent 25 years refining his proprietary Acu-touch modality to a point of consistent success that has brought relief to those who felt their condition was hopeless. A humble man, Mr. Yamaichi would often say about his technique of Acu-touch, “This is not of me, but comes through me.” For a man who had dedicated his life to the refinement of this technique, this statement is itself quite remarkable.

His satisfied clients included white- and blue-collar workers, from children and seniors to performers and star athletes, including San Francisco 49ers stars Jerry Rice and Steve Young. His methodology allows for lasting relief from structural ailments that may seem impossible to improve.

I believed the stiffness in both my hands and wrists was a genetic problem. I am over 90 years old and was born in Russia, in a region where lead and uranium taint the drinking water. This problem leads the old folk of the area to accept such pain as part of everyday life. Over a year has now passed since Scott worked on my hands and they are still pliable, and my fingers bend. I happily continue without pain in my lifelong trade as a fine woodworker.
— Cesar S, craftsman from Oakland